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Practice areas

Practice areas
  • GDPR, Ciber Security and Privacy

    We are pioneers in business consulting in the field of data protection and cibersecurity. Natalia Martos was the first Spanish Privacy Director in Tuenti, old social network, and then she occupied the said role on an international level in PRISA Group. Currently, she is Co-President on the Madrid Chapter from the Washington IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals).

    In L-A, we adapt all types of companies and entities to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through an agile methodology which guarantees the client the total fulfillment with the regulation at the required deadlines and with the maximum costs optimization. Our work methodology, unique in the market, includes among its different phases, dives and and meetings with all the departments of the corporations to comply the complete adaptation and awareness in the field of data protection.

    We are specialists in Ciber Security and Information Security. We advise to our clients about how to protect his/her most valuable assets; the information and the Data. We detect vulnerabilities in the systems, indicating the securities measures to adopt and collaborate in its implementation with the most efficient technologies. Likewise, we perform periodic controls and auditories to check the fulfillment of the implemented controls. We manage security logic crisis, both internally and with State Bodies and Security Bodies, with which we maintain a close collaboration for years.

    Moreover, we help companies to design and execute monetization strategies complying with the current legal framework. We are experts in Privacy by Design, which allows us interact with departments of product, “UX”, technology and legal of our clients to design products and services which optimize the use of Data and Big Data with the maximum legal certainty.

  • Comprehensive Data Protection Officer (DPO) service

    General Data Protection Regulation demands that certain entities have a Data Protection Officer. Likewise, the new Spanish data protection Regulation, currently in parliamentary process as bill, requires additionally to the types of entities referred in GDPR, another 15 types of entities will be bounded to hire it.

    Lot of entities save of headcount costs and outsource this figure, as it is allowed by the law. In L-A, we act as DPO of every type of companies, proactively performing the duties that current regulation obliges and advise to our clientes before any consult which arise during the development of his/her business through a mensual flat rate without hour limit.

  • Compliance and Criminal Procedural Law

    Criminal Code, amended by the Organic Law 5/2010, of June 22, introduced the criminal responsibility of the legal entities for the crimes committed in the development of its activity by the managers as well as by any of its workers.

    In this way, it is mandatory for any company, regardless of its size, to implement programs to prevent tax crimes that enable them to identify their criminal risks as well as prevent and mitigate them.

    Elena Ballesteros holds the CESCOM Compliance Certification and an extensive experience in the implementation of management and prevention of crimes systems that shall help the company to create an efficient program adapted to its necessities. In addition, these systems shall advice the Compliance Officer in the exercise of its duties.

    Besides that, our Criminal Law team offers advice in those judiciary proceedings that may affect our clients, both companies and private individuals, having an extensive experience in economic and company wrongs, either as accusation or as defendant.

  • Intellectual Property, Technological Law and Exponential Technologies

    Our team has an extensive experience in every kind of issues related to Intellectual Property and Technology Law.

    The new economy, supported in the exponential technologies, is raising new legal challenges. We are pioneers in knowing the legal implications resulted from the artificial intelligence and the “machine learning”, the “blockchain” and the rest of the disruptive technologies that are increasingly present in the new business models. Natalia Martos graduated, in 2016, in the Executive Program of the Singularity University of Silicon Valley (California), where all those technologies are studied in depth, as well as its impact in the society, in business and in Law.

  • Legal advice of outsourced business

    Our team has almost a 20 years’ experience in Business Law. We have forged this experience in multinational companies, startups and in first-rate law firms. As consumers of legal services, we know how to attend to the demands of the organizations perfectly, providing business solutions to your legal issues without incurring in unnecessary costs. Our clients outsource their legal departments in order to fully dedicate to the development of its business, saving headcount costs and having a 24/7 service that answers their petitions immediately as if we were an “in House” team.