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Legaltech solutions

legaltech solutions
  • GDPR and Software

    We have the most advanced Legaltech tools of the market. These are technologies developed by Legal Army that allow all type of companies to adapt to GDPR in an agile way and with maximum legal guarantee. Once the adaptation to the regulation has been completed, we implement the security measures that correspond to each organization.

    Our DPO tool allows us to manage this figure for all types of organizations, regardless of their size in a secure manner and compliance with the principle of accountability. The GDPR requires that three types of companies or public bodies include a DPO in its structure. After the approval of the new Organic Law on Data Protection, these three typologies will be extended to 15 more, including SMEs. Our mission is to be the outsourced DPO of all types of organizations so that they do not incur headcount costs. Our DPO tool allows companies, at any time of their life, the daily compliance of the GDPR before any inspections of the AEPD.

  • Cybersecurity

    Given that the most important asset of organizations, together with technology, is information, we are aware that it is vital to provide our clients with the best tools to protect this asset. Our consultants advise and implement the most appropriate technologies to protect our clients from all types of cyber attacks. In case of occurrence, we are experts in managing security crises, both to communicate the possible security breach before the Control Authority, and to stop and report it to the State Security Forces.

  • Smart contracts

    Our most demanded product, the outsourcing of the legal department of companies, would not be possible without the use of Legaltech tools that allow us to speed up the creation of contracts and all kinds of legal documents. In this way, our processes are much faster, homogeneous and are constantly supervised by our lawyers to offer maximum legal security with a cost reduction of up to 40% in our monthly equalization.