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Legal Design consultancy

Legal Design consultancy
  • Redesign of contracts and other documents

    We work on the redesign of contracts and all types of legal documents to convert them into legible and understandable documents for all types of receivers, whether consumers or businessmen. We transform complex texts into understandable language documents, with icons and sections so that their receivers can understand perfectly what they are hiring, making the "small print" disappear. In this context, organizations win because they transmit transparency and stop receiving complaints and consumers also win because they stop being in a position of imbalance.

  • "Privacy by Design"

    One of our greatest assets is the design of products from the perspective of privacy and GDPR. In compliance with GDPR, we work with the design, product and UX teams of our clients to develop personal data collection products from their design in mock ups to their launch. In this way, we guarantee companies that work with personal data a complete adaptation to the principle of "Privacy by Design”.

  • Visualization of legal advice

    We are experts in proposing visual legal solutions at the executive level. We believe that, for the businesses of the new economy, the legal memos of hundreds of pages are no longer useful, but the solutions that allow the business to advance in its development with a legal validation in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we focus on finding legal solutions to all types of businesses and synthesizing them visually for explanation in management committees of companies that demand clear solutions to their problems, with a quantification of risk.